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Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of dating apps. She has managed to create a new atmosphere that is stirring up a lot of talk. People are interested in what she has managed to do because she has seen the dating app world and decided to do something differently.

Bumble is the app that was created by Whitney Wolfe. This is an interactive app that allows women to take the lead in the dating game. It is an app that mimics a lot of the same features of Tinder, but this one small tweak by Whitney Wolfe make it a breath of fresh air. Obviously this is one of the most interesting apps for people that want to try something new. That is what Whitney Wolfe was aware when she endeavored into creating something different. She believed that people were fed up with the dating apps that were out there and in search of something else.

Whitney Wolfe has been celebrating in the industry as one of the top 30 under 30 by Forbes. She is someone that shows that the dating world has some new leaders in the app industry. It is no longer dominated solely by men.

It is easy to see how Whitney Wolfe may have been able to penetrate the industry when one looks at dating apps. It is evident that most of these sites have the same type of format. People sign up for a lot of different applications for dating, but they see the same type of interface when they are online. Whitney Wolfe wanted to make sure that women were finally in a place where they could slide away the men that that they were not interested in seeing. She wanted to help women get in control.

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