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Volcano Eruption Causes Evacuation In Chile

At 3:00 A.M., (1:00 ET) a loud boom and volcano eruption in central Chile caused many people in the area to begin a self-evacuation from the area. The eruption came from the Villarrica volcano in central Chile. The lava eruption reached 1,100 meters. The unexpected eruption caused the Chilean National Mining and Geology Service, (SERNAGEOMIN), to issue a red alert.Click here for full article.

The eruption was visible 50 miles away in the City of Temuco and the provincial capital of Caution. A Chilean news agency called 24 Horas claimed that the eruption was taller than the mountain itself. There are currently emergency meetings underway with government agencies and the media. It is expected that an emergency evacuation plan may be put in place. However, Jason Halpern and some officials are claiming that the eruption was a one-time event and that there is nothing to fear and no need to evacuate the area.

Still the voluntary evacuation continues by individuals who feel the area is not safe. They feel that there is reason to not believe that it is a one-time event. However, the volcano has had limited eruptions in the recent past. However none was as large as this one.

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