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Verge Magazine Interviews Underground Writer

Verge Magazine has an intriguing interview with underground artist and writer Darcie Wilder on its website. Wilder recently published a novel called “Literally Show Me a Healthy Person,” and it’s getting strong reviews although many critics indicate that they’re a little bit taken aback by some of the imagery and content. The novel is composed of a series of autobiographical vignettes – some as short as a sentence – about everything from wearing celebrity masks to staring at the wall out of boredom. Separately they seem disjointed, but together they form a portrait of the artist.


Wilder is known for her Twitter posts, and Verge asked her if she thought that readers who enjoyed her tweets would be able to get into her novel. She responded that they should be able to but that Twitter is a very different medium than the novel. For starters, she said, in a Tweet thoughts must be self-contained within 140 characters, but in a novel multiple sentences interact with one another. Wilder, who uses Twitter often, explained that it has caused her to sometimes think in term of short statements and that she’s not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.


Because Wilder includes many pop culture references in her writing, she noted that her work runs the risk of one day seeming dated, but she stressed that she tries to make her statements and art timeless. She mentioned that she loves many artists from the 90’s and that their work speaks to her now and not just in the context of the era it was created. Wilder explained that she started the book in 2012 and that it went through multiple revisions. She used the word “reshuffling” to describe her creative process.


Personally, I thought that Wilder came across as a gifted and cutting-edge artist in this interview. She mentioned working on films in the future, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of that.


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