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Vegan Counter Culture Restaurant and Lifestyle is now Influencing the Prevailing Norms about Meat

In the city of Austin, Texas there is a restaurant and food trailer known as Counter Culture. This unique restaurant serves vegan based dishes that are so unique and original that it is causing quite a stir for vegans and their omnivore brethren.

That’s right, the Counter Culture restaurant is now creating some original dishes that most consumers in Austin area never experienced. These dishes are organic based and many of the ingredients that are used to create them are grown by local food producers. They are also fair-trade items. Honestly, some of the ingredients used within these dishes are processed. However, they are used in limited amounts.

Counter Culture creates a wide variety of meatless dishes that are tasty, delicious and extremely nutritious. These menu items are also oil-free, gluten-free and soy-free products. In short, they are extremely healthy dishes that have been specifically created for taste, appearance and style.

Some of the foods on Counter Culture’s menu includes Raw Bruschetta, Cheeze Balls, pizzas, desserts, salads and Jackfruit Barbecue sandwiches. Many of these items are considered some of the best foods that Counter Culture has to offer. The local residents of Austin who are brave enough to venture into this unusual restaurant really enjoy the foods that this place offers.

Many meat eating people who reside inside of Counter Culture go inside to sample the exceptional cuisine. The restaurant specializes in lunch and dinner entrees. They also provide weekend brunch options for travelers on the go or for people who want to sit down to enjoy a unique meal during the middle part of the day.

The Counter Culture restaurant is the perfect name for this diner that offers cuisine that runs “counter culture” to America’s food choice norms. While American people are now eating healthier than ever, they still are prone to fast food and meat based food options. That’s okay, because Counter Culture provides a healthy alternative that is starting to catch on. You can find out more about this restaurant on the Go Dairy Free website.

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