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Use Nine9 to kickstart your dreams

Since 2003, Nine9 has been committed to giving up-and-coming talents a chance at stardom. There are tons of talented people out there that aren’t able to get their foot in the door, simply because they’re not able to become part of a modeling or acting agency. Nine9 strives to fix that. Calling itself the ‘UnAgency’, Nine9 is a set of tools to help you, the talent, become successful in your industry of choice. Nine9 provides you with access to nationwide castings and auditions and utilizes casting recognition software to find the castings that best suit you. Additionally, with Nine9, you have the ability to meet industry leaders at monthly workshops. Sound too good to be true? Just take it from some of Nine9’s successes. Read Nine9 Blog Post .

James V has only been with Nine9 for a month and a half and has begun to have awesome opportunities. In just one short month, James filmed a horror comedy that will be released later in 2017 and has been cast as an extra in another film. SEE PHOTOS HERE .

Shanel F from Connecticut has received tons of opportunities with Nine9, from modeling to appearing in feature films. Because of Nine9, Shanel will starting filming a TV series this year where she is one of the main characters.

Bella S has been with Nine9 since March 2014. She has attended every workshop offered in order to prepare herself and become more confident at auditions, and says that Nine9 has been a great help in building her resume. Thanks to Nine9, Bella booked various movies and fashion shows, and went on to be contacted by various other agencies before signing as a model.

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