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Underground Music Venues For Underground Music Lovers

Underground culture has always been thriving in the United States, but because of the nature of the very system itself, it can be harder to come across than most things. Music has always been one of the most important aspects of underground culture, owing to the freedom of expression being given, and the freedom from conformity being brought out. Numerous locations throughout the country stand out as some of the most popular places having a thriving underground scene, which have all received a good amount of praise from the community.


Located in Boston, this place is one of the main venues for underground music events in the city. Formally known as the Boston Bijou Theater, the establishment first opened its doors to the general public and since then has had one of the most thriving underground scenes in the city. One can expect to find a good variety of bands and artists playing here each night. The lineup always changes, which provides a good mix for those who want to visit the place often.


Primary speaks underground in every sense of the word, considering that it is a nightclub that is underground. Primary is one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets and is the place for some of the best underground electronic music around. The club sees some of the best indie artists coming to play, offering something new every night for its visitors.

Asylum Afterhours

This one is probably one of the most well known underground places in Honolulu and a definite visit for underground music lovers visiting the island paradise. The venue has seen some incredible artists take the stage, and is one of the main stages for independent electronic music in the state. The club is considered one of the most important stages for the underground music community in the country.

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