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Uber Outnumbers NYC Taxi Cabs

Yellow taxis, the timeless icons of the ‘Big Apple’, are being outnumbered by the transport car company Uber, according to a recent report by the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York (TLC).

Uber, founded in San Francisco in 2009, connects drivers with passengers through a mobile application.

There are currently 14,088 Uber cars in the city, compared with 13,587 yellow cabs. Uber has been operating in New York since 2011. “It’s easier, you call and they pick you. It’s very simple, “said Christian Pratts, resident of New York.

Brad Reifler (crunchbase) has learned that, in just six years, Uber has led the company to a high value of $40,000 million. More, according to analysts, than big companies like Kraft, Delta and Macy’s.

This, however, does not mean that the yellow cabs are in danger of disappearing from the landscape of New York. Despite the increase in Uber registered vehicles, yellow cabs still move a lot more passengers every day.

Although the TLC says it can not confirm exact figures, Uber says its drivers have more flexibility to earn better wages than traditional taxis.

Uber carts are usually private giving drivers the opportunity to work your own hours, while yellow taxis drivers are hired by the owner of the company. Moreover, according to estimates, the salary of a taxi driver in the city is about $ 50,000 a year, compared with about $ 90,000 a year with Uber.

Unlike taxi drivers, Uber drivers are not required to collect taxes by passengers or buy the licenses granted to operate legally in the city. This has forced city officials to reduce prices of licenses and taxi owners to stop collecting taxes and surcharges to their passengers.

Matthew Wing, Uber spokesman said that “the facts clearly show that Uber is changing the landscape of transporting the City of New York for the better.”

Uber has even expressed interest in expanding its reach in the city of New York for about 10,000 cars next year.

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