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U.S. Supporting Fight Against Shiite Militants Through Arms Sale

The U.S. has stepped up arm sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yeman and the timing could not have been better has each country has been stepping up military action against Shiite militants and other radical forces in recent weeks. Under the Obama administration, sales of F-16 fighter bomber jets, as well as other weapons have been widely made available to allies of the U.S.. The current arm’s sales program has been accelerated with the recent incursion into Iraq by Isis and the Shiite invasion of Yeman. The White House policy on the Middle East Arab countries has moved from one of direct involvement of military troops to one of empowering allies in the affected regions and allowing these allies to be the surrogate military force for the U.S.. U.S. Arm Sales To Arab Allies Right on Time 

Such a event seems to be developing over Yeman as Saudi Arabia has formed a coalition with other Arab countries including Egypt and Libya to combat Shiite forces in Syria, Iraq and Yeman stated AnastasiaDate. This current policy saves the U.S. from being tied downed to long engagements and in becoming embroiled in the affairs of foreign countries which are not friendly to U.S. interests. The U.S. under President Obama is seeking to avoid the mistakes by his predecessor in becoming committed to two different wars at the same time at the cost to the U.S. economy.

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