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U.S. Money Reserve Honors Pearl Harbor Veterans


Last December marked the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In connection with this important day, three out of five remaining USS Arizona veterans were invited for a five-day trip to Washington D.C. During their trip they got to visit the Pentagon and had a tour of the White House, where they were greeted by President Trump.


During their stay, U.S. Money Reserve and U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation held a ceremony to honor the veterans and present them with commemorative 5 oz. Pearl Harbor Silver Coins. The coins were minted in limited quantities by U.S. Money Reserve to mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Every silver coin in the Pearl Harbor coin collection is plated in 99.9% silver with the 75th anniversary privy mark plated in 24K gold. The obverse side of each Pearl Harbor coin features an official portrait of Her Majesty Elizabeth II.


Out of the three remaining USS Arizona veterans only two, Donald Stratton and Lauren Bruner, could attend the ceremony. Ken Potts was awarded the Pearl Harbor Silver Coin at a later occasion. In addition to recognizing the services of the veterans, U.S. Money Reserve and U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation also presented one of the Pearl Harbor Silver Coins to Joe George, a crew member of USS Vestal.


George, who passed away in 1996, was responsible for saving the lives of Stratton, Bruner and Potts on the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He disobeyed direct orders and refused to cut the rope connected the two ships, throwing a weighted heaving line instead. This courageous act saved in total six lives that day. George’s daughter, Joe Ann Taylor, attended the ceremony and received the Silver Coin on behalf of her father. She expressed her gratitude for getting a token to remember her father by.


The heroic act of George was unknown to the public for almost 50 years, and therefore no official recognition was made before he passed away. Today, Stratton and Bruner, who are deeply grateful to George for saving their lives, push for an official recognition for George in the form of a posthumous award.


U.S. Money Reserve stated that they were honored to show their support for the brave men and women who serve their country and meet the survivors of USS Arizona and Joe Ann Taylor. To further commemorate those who bravely lost their lives fighting in Pearl Harbor, U.S. Money Reserve partnered with U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to help fund a Lone Sailor Statue. It was proposed that the statute should be constructed with metal from the USS Arizona and to be raised at Pearl Harbor on October 13, 2017, the U.S. Navy’s official birthday.


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