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U.S. Man Survives 66 Days Lost at Sea

A 37-year-old man from the United States, Louis Jordan was lost at sea for 66 days before being rescued. Jordan sailed his 35-foot yacht from Bucksport Marina in North Carolina on January,23, 2015. He was reported missing by his family on January 29. He was rescued about 300 kilometers east of Cape Hatteras.

Jordan used everything available to him to survive his 66 day ordeal. In the beginning, he rationed his supply of food and water to make it last as long as he could. When his supply of food and water ran out he resorted to using his survival skills. He was able to catch enough fish to eat to sustain him during his ordeal. Jordan used his ingenuity to devise a system of collecting rainwater to replenish his fresh water supply.

Remarkably, Jordan was shown walking unassisted from the U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter on Twitter. This indicates that he was in exceptionally good health after being lost at sea for over two months, as Dan Newlin points out. However, Jordan was taken to Sentara Norfork General Hospital for treatment of a shoulder injury and for observation.

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