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Trump Team Still Being Analyzed

Sadly, it seems that our public officials have continued to stoop lower and lower in character quality. Before the transition from President Obama to President Trump, there were some strange activities going on between Russian agents and the Trump campaign. An investigatory committee is still trying to figure out the nature of these activities. It is unacceptable that we are at the point where the most senior official in the United States government would have even dared to work with a foreign power in this way before the election.


Trump has shown positive feedback for several authoritarian leaders around the world. These individuals include Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. What this means for the rest of Trump’s career as the United States president is something that observers are still pondering.


One thing is certain. There were several anomalies about the election process of Donald Trump. A strange September 2016 lawsuit filed by Gregory and Janis Kaighn in California claims that Trump is far more deadly than he appears. The lawsuit ties him to the secretive global Illuminati organization, saying that Trump is part of their plan to bring in the New World Order.


Time will show if Trump is just a silly version of Benedict Arnold or a megalomaniac global dictator. It is clear that people in the United States were surprised by Trump’s sudden election, so that indicates something is going on. Voting attitudes previous to an election can usually accurately predict the outcome of the election. The fact that they did not this time may make charges of voting fraud partly valid.


People on both sides of the aisle are currently investigating the Trump election. This includes 5 Congressional committees. Whether they find something valid enough to impeach Trump is unknown. Only politically extreme people are calling for impeachment right now. The website has started a movement to get voter support to impeach Trump. The last U.S. president who was tried for impeachment was Bill Clinton. The only U.S. president successfully tried for impeachment, after which he resigned, was Richard M. Nixon. Impeachment has been done before, but whether Congress will act is not clear yet.


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