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Trump Is Very Corrupt

Sadly, it seems that U.S. politics is getting more and more corrupt each election season. As we elect each new president, the corporations and organizations funding their campaigns are often not clear. However, the audacity of Donald Trump’s wild campaign has brought media attention to his close ties with the Russian government. Trump’s connections with Russia go back before the end of Cold War in 1987. Trump visited Russia and his plane was purportedly escorted by Russian jets. In 2015, Putin complimented Trump as being a talented man.


Russia’s long-term plans in hacking the United States election were first warned of years ago by Anatoliy Golitsyn. Golitsyn was a high-ranking Russian spy during the Cold War. He warned the United States Congress after the Cold War that Russia was not finished with fighting the U.S. They just had agreed to go undercover and pretend to adopt democracy. This is why the Communist Party is still quite large in Russia. It is also why Russia is not considered a democracy. Some observers think that the Soviet Union may still quietly exist, which is why Russia is continuing to militarily interfere in its former satellite states.


Russia is continuing its long-term objective of burying the United States. They have now succeeded in planting a puppet in the White House. Trump may have business connections that make it hard for him to stop getting help with Russia. The Trump family gets a lot of money from Russian business sources. The conflict of interest should trouble an observer, but the deeper issues are more concerning.


The Russian government has become less friendly with the United States during the presidency of Vladimir Putin. They have stopped being a party to a post-Cold War nonproliferation agreement with the United States. The Russian civilian population recently drilled for a large war. While the United States has been relaxing in Disneyland, Russia is still prepared for conflict.


The extent of corruption in the United States government as revealed by the recent Trump scandal shows that even our own politicians are not above recruitment by our former biggest adversary.


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