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Todd Lubar Career and Success

Todd Lubar is the president and the CEO of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES LLC and he also sits as the Vice President of Legendary Investments. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a B.A in speech communications. Following his graduation, Todd ventured into real estate industry in 1995 and decided to make finance and real estate business his long life career. He started working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where initially he dealt with loans. Due to his passion for business, he quickly mastered the model of conventional mortgage banking.

Todd  Lubar invested quality time to gather experience from various facets of business including developing a close and vigorous relationship with insurance agencies, financial planners and real estate agent who are incredible sources of business information.

Later in 1999, Lubar moved to Legacy Financial Group where he acquired an equity position. It’s during this he increased and expanded his capabilities being able to lend as a direct Mortgage Bank and also had a chance to broker loans outside investors.

His establishment in the real estate industry enhanced his rapid progression of purchasing, selling and profiting in over 200 transactions including multi-family properties. Hence he gathered experience from skilled people in building trades resulting to modern and fashionable products. At this point, Todd was able to establish various relationships with banking institutions with high net credit.

In 2013, Todd opened Charter Funding which is a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation which is one of the privately held mortgage companies in the United States. This achievement boosted Todd to expand his business due to access of products and programs.

After being in business for 12 years and observing the market carefully, Todd identified underserved clients and founded Legendary Financial LLC to meet the customer’s needs. Legendary Financial is an affiliate of Legendary Property, LLC.

Todd Lubar also ventured in several areas of businesses including commercial demolitions where he acquired large contracts from big contractors in the country. He also dealt with automotive scrap metals recycling business which resulted in the company being traded in the public marketplace. Currently, Todd sits as the CEO of TDL VENTURES.

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