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The Marketing Expert Kenneth Goodgame

UPDATE: November 1, 2016

The guru known as Kenneth Goodgame has elevated the True Value Hardware Company to a global brand by exclusively using his consumer-based principles, expertise, and client awareness together with demand. And has decided to take this company with him to Arizona.

He is renowned for constructing artistic approaches and navigated along fine-tuned commodity-implemented methods for the company. That has made a substantial impact in the pandemic marketplace and made this change of scenery possible.

UPDATE: September, 21, 2016

It’s likely because of this capacity for authoritative direction that Kenneth Goodgame has been able to help True Value Company shift its marketing plans and move forward with a clear plan for the future. Along with the change in marketing, True Value Company has also decided to increase its advertising and marketing plans to a level that has not been seen in recent years. If Goodgame’s past successes are any indication, then this advertising plan should be interesting to say the least.

UPDATE: August 25, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame has made quite a stir in the marketing world, yet again. He has taken True Value above and beyond anywhere they thought they would go. Posting outrageous earnings in their second quarter revenue with no signs of slowing up. Kenneth Goodgame is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Kenneth Goodgame is an influential Operations Management leader who specializes in generating a lot of funds, billion-dollar OEM merit with a mixture of innovative marketing and merchandising modernized financial oversight and smart business strategy. He is a Sales and Marketing Merchandising Specialist.

His primary focus is to deliver a balance between corporate alignment worker engagement Key production indicators and quality pledge systems that enable to improve performance and profitability. Typically he ensures he exploit all the ability he has to promote growth via leadership to analyze all the costs composed negotiations and productivity enhancements. Kenneth has a broad experience which gives him a veteran’s eye to navigate market shifts and the aptitude to evade Costly mistakes and stands that others frequently miss. He has an experience of about 15 plus years in retail and 15 years in the field of manufacturing.

Kenneth Goodgame was the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer (SVP CMO) in the True Value Company. Between 2013 and 2015 for the time he was there the career history of that company was good. He exploited all he knew for the company.

One of his significant achievements in this business is that he was able to turn around low-performance buying team, and he laid them back to normal. He replaced all the low performing, about 40% of buyers, thereby producing an enthusiastic and high-energy team with a comprehensive product expertise. He was able to raise the company saving from 2% to more than 10% annually.

He also launched a250 SKU EDLP program. The program was very helpful to all retailers; it delivered full margin percent and lowered the many prices which were sensitive to SKUs. By the end of the year 2015, the ordinary basket ring rose by more than 9% while the retail price perception at test stores rose significantly.

There are some Manufacturers whom goes to Kenneth often and ask questions like what makes a great end cap with the absence of principles in retail merchandising. Having all of the experience in the retail and manufacturing fields, over 30 years of experience, he says that common sense tends to prevail. However, there are superb rules of thumb which allow him to do so; however, the rules are his own they were just deported in his head when he was a merchant.
The first one is you are supposed to make it relevant or pertinent local and timely.

You should always tie into manufacturer’s national advertising. Do not take it negatively always Make it understandable confidently interactive. Always comprise particular tie-in item with the feature items at full margin.Never have a large run of in-line items on the end cap.

Out of his experiences and passion for doing his work, the True Value Company was able to archive a lot.

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