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The Global Lenders Equities First Holdings LLC Builds Trust to its Clients

Equities First Holdings, LLC was established in 2002. The Company has offices located in nine countries. It’s fully owned subsidiaries include The Equities First Holdings Hong Kong, Equity First Holdings Ltd in Singapore, First Holdings Pty Ltd (Australia) and the Equities First (London) which has its headquarters are in Indianapolis, India which is a branch office of New York City. The company offers lending services for individual investors and businesses to enable its clients hit their goals. Equities First Holdings, LLC gives loans based on its assessment of the performance in the future and any possible risks related to the treasuries, stocks, and bonds.

Equities First Holding, LLC (EFH) offers capital on the traded shares around the world on public exchanges. Today, the company has done over 700 transactions and distributed over $1.4 Billion through findings.

Equities First Holdings as a global lender holds the first position in offering solutions on alternative shareholder financing. On 28th October the company the resolved its transaction with the CEO of ANGLE plc Mr. Andrew Newland on refunding their 1.35 million shares. The shares had been used in a financial transaction as collaterals.

The two-year financing facility was the first to be performed in the UK for the EFH having been initiated on the 27th October 2014. The Equity First Holdings in 2014, bought the Meridian and renamed it as the Equities First (London) Limited. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK gave authority and regulations to the formed Equities First (London) Limited registered as number 605564.

According to the Founder and CEO of EFH, Al Christy, Jr, it was business as usual for the EFH to return of the collaterals to its clients.

The Equity First Holdings is known for its 15 years history of keeping precise track records and returning the shares of the borrowers upon the maturity of the transaction and repaying back.

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