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The Four Myths of the Koch Brothers’ Network

The Koch brothers are proud owners of Koch Industries, a family-owned oil refining company that produces some of the much needed products to make popular goods. With the wealth of owning this successful corporation, the Koch brothers are powerful entities in the business world as well as within politics. The Koch brothers have donated over $1.3 billion in the past four years to the Republican presidential candidates because of their strong support for the free and untouched market. One of the most recent examples of David and Charles Koch’s efforts to enforce capitalism is their strong opposition and campaigning against Obama, the champion of liberalism.

Here is a list of the top myths about the Koch brothers.

1.) The network of the Koch brothers is directly linked to Obama’s campaigning

This is false because Charles Koch, for over 30 years prior to Obama’s campaign, have been constantly funding and promoting free market institutions. David Koch even ran for Vice President on behalf of the Libertarian Party.

2.) The Koch network is just the Koch brothers

The Koch network involves hundreds of other wealthy and conservative families that also support their strategic and political operation of promoting the free market. The network started in 2003 with only 17 members and has grown to present day with over 500 members. All the donations from the network have added to be around $900 million which will be used for the next presidential campaign.

3.) The Koch brothers give money to all conservative groups

Rather than a labyrinth of funds, Charles Koch’s networks are better recognized as an evolving set of core organizations to fund. The conservative organizations that receive money are carefully planned and are only given with the intention of an end goal in the Koch brothers’ political plan.

4.) The Koch brothers’ network is a third political party

The issue with this myth is that is assumes that the Koch brothers’ donations are operating outside of the GOP. The entirety of the network is actually closely connected with the Republican Party and has the long-term strategy of moving this party far to the right. The Koch brothers want to use the GOP in order to cut-back extensively on the American government that intervenes with the spontaneous order of the economy. Rather than working outside of the political system, the network is deeply intertwined with the GOP.

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