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The Brown Agency And Its Success In The Modeling Industry

When is comes to The Brown Agency and its success here’s a few things you should know. The Brown Agency was formed when two of the largest talent agency in the Texas region joined teams. The Brown Agency has a great reputation in the Austin, Texas area. According to Market Wired, the agency was named after a man named Austin’s Justin Brown. In this article, you will learn how The Brown Agency has become a force of nature in the modeling industry.

A former modeling agency named Wilhelmina Austin and another named Talent-South merged together to create the agency we know today as The Brown Agency. Both Wilhelmina Austin and Talent-South had a great reputation before joining forces. By 2010 Wilhelmina Austin was known as one of the most respected agencies in the central Texas area. The Brown Agency officially launched in September of 2015. The benefit of these two very knowledgeable agencies coming together is that The Brown Agency can provide a wider range of experienced talent and greater opportunities for models across the country. The agency specializes in fashion and print work modeling.

The Brown Agency is known today as the leading agency for fashion and print models in the Austin, Texas area. Although The Brown Agency officially launched in September of 2015, it came to Austin in the spring of 2010. Today you can see many of the agencies models working for some of the biggest brands in the world. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Loreal and many others feature models from The Brown Agency. Many of the agencies models have been present for events like Austin, Dallas, and New York’s fashion week. Another major event you can find them at is Miami Swim Week. The Brown Agency has a blog and multiple different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that can be used to follow their success.

Austin’s Justin Brown has a lot of experience in the modeling industry. He started off as a model himself and worked at a modeling agency. Although Austin’s made a good living from modeling he was more interested in the preparation and production behind the scenes. He began to train models and would help them find work. Austin’s has made great decisions leading to the success of his company. There are now only a few agencies competing with The Brown Agency.

All in all, The Brown Agency is a very successful agency in the modeling industry today. Models working with The Brown Agency receive great resources and exposure. The agency continues to rise to the top and provide a great platform for those in the industry.

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