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The Adam Milstein and Gila foundation

Adam Milstein is one of the most influential Jewish business investor and philanthropist. Adam grew up in Israel but moved to the US where he attended part of his graduate studies. After graduating, he moved to California to try his hand in business. The business that interested him the most was real estate industry and he created a company that has spread its influence to almost all parts of the country. He has also set up a number of philanthropic initiatives to help both the Jewish community and the society at large.

The influence of Adam Milstein is so profound that earlier this year, he was named as number 39 of the 50 most influential Jews in the country. Among the people he shared a position in this list with are the Israeli prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This goes to show how much of a difference Adam has been making.

Through his community of the Adam and Gila foundation, Adam is able to fulfill the three pillars of entrepreneurship that he believes in. The first is active philanthropy. He believes that people should participate in activities that are tangibly transforming the society for the better. The second principle is that of Life Path Impact; he believes that whoever he comes into contact with should at least talk about their life being transformed in a way. The third of the principles is the creation of synergies between the organizations that he works for.

Adam is also a co-founder of the Israeli-American council and is in charge of its national expansion. The community has their reach in the Universities and other institutions where they try to reach out to young people of Israeli descent and transform their lives. He also sits on the board of organizations such as Stand with Us, Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships and American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Adam and his wife have children and live in California. When he is not busy with business or working on his foundations, he enjoys spending some quality time with his family, doing gentle exercises and traveling. He is one man that is making a huge difference in business leadership and philanthropy.


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