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Susan Mcgalla

Susan Mcgalla is a business woman from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, she was the president of Americana eagle outfitters & former chief executive officer of wet seal. Mcgalla was born & raised in east Liverpool & has 2 brothers & there father was a football coach. Susan got a bachelors degree in business & marketing she attended mount union college.Susan Mcgalla was a leader a very intelligent woman. She got fired from a job because she wasn’t keeping up its true that she wasn’t at her best but this woman achieved great things threw out her career. She had a networth of over 47.5 million average people don’t make that kind of money. Susan was a woman to look up to, she had a huge impact in the lives of many. One of her greatest accomplishments was being president of American outfitters she was making over 2 million dollars annually. This woman was a work horse.

Susan was married to a man named, Stephen Mcgalla he was a wealth manager. After Susan left American outfitters she became a private consultant for the retail & financial investments industry. This woman didn’t give up she kept rising despite of her set backs. You will have many set backs in life we learned from Susan to never give up & to dream big. Susan & her husband became very successful. Mcgalla was pregnant & working this is how obsessed she was with her craft. She joined wet seals & Founded p3 executive consulting. She is now Vice President of business strategy & creative development for the Pittsburgh steelers. If this woman doesn’t inspire you than I don’t know what will. We have one life time to achieve great things. We all have 24 hours in a day what separates a average person to a multi millionaire is the mindset & work ethic.

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