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The Successful Richard Mishaan’s Design

Richard Mishaan Design is a world known firm in the stylish and artistic home and interior hotel designs. Based in New York, Richard Mishaan Design firm has been for 25 years creating its elegant designs. Richard Mishaan is the owner of the company having an experience in architecture, interior design and fashion. Mishaan was born in Cartagena, Columbia where he grew but was also partly raised in Italy and Bogota. His inspiration for his styles as he said came from his childhood sites of the colorful cities of Columbia. Mishaan went to New York in the year 1978 where he went for a Bachelor of Arts in the New York University. He also went to learn at the Columbia University School of architecture.


Richard Mishaan began his career as a trainee in the offices of Philip Johnson, an architectural firm where he was able to gain familiarity with fashion, architecture and interior design. He afterward has become among the A-lists top interior Designer in the world. Mishaan’s first interior job was the presidential flat of the St. Regis Hotel in New York.


Richard Mishaan has been known to mix a blend of colors to put across different moods making him stand out among many other designers. Richard has also been referred to as a master mixer of modern and traditional pieces of design to make stylish designs. Richard even did a project on his own where he was supposed to renovate the 16th century Cartagena house in Columbia which took him two years to complete.


Some of the evident projects that Richard Mishaan Design is known for are; Hamptons Summer Home, Girls Show House among others. Richard Mishaan Design has been featured in most publications such as the Elle Décor, Interior Design Magazines, and Architectural Digest. Mishaan has also used his skills to design his contemporary home.

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