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Solar Eclipse Slated for the Coming Weeks

April 20, 2015 is going to be the day when we see a solar eclipse comparable to the one from 1999. it is going to be visible in Europe, the greatest part of Russia, and The Northern part of Africa.

Northern inhabitants are going to be in the center of the event, as Northern Norway and the Faroe Islands will be the witnesses of a 100% darkness, lasting for about 3 minutes. England will have percentages of 84% cover in London and 94% in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh. The days when people were afraid of the meaning of a solar eclipse are long gone. But there is another issue. Many European countries rely on solar light to obtain energy, and the 90 minutes ‘switch off’ of the power source means the loss of a huge amount of energy. The solar eclipse will be followed by temporary glitches in the electrical system.

The solar eclipse to be seen after the 2015 one will be in 2026, so Dan Newlin isn’t going to let this slip away. It happened so that the eclipse is to occur during a lunar perigee- a time when the Moon and the Sun are closest to each other. That should make the Moon shadow lighter, experts say. Although the difference will not be very noticeable for a viewer from Earth.

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