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How Skillful Leadership of Greg James Aziz Has Led to the Success of National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz is the accomplished leader behind the growth and success of National Steel Car. Currently, he is serving as the CEO and the president of the company. National Steel Car is the largest manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the world. The company has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz received quality education a famous institute of education in the country. He specialized in economics at University of Western Ontario. His knowledge, skills, and leadership have enabled him to lead the company to realize growth in its operation.

The success of Greg James Aziz is traced to Affiliated Food which is a family wholesale food enterprise. He managed the operations of the firm for 16 years. The business grew and expanded within the period in which he was serving. The firm expanded its importing regions from local markets to foreign countries. The products were imported from countries such as Europe and South America. The company started distributing its products to USA and Canada. The destinations for its products increased and the firm was forced to increase the operations of the business.

National Steel Car Company is leading in innovation and inventions. The company is ISO certified 9001:2008 at North America. It’s the only railroad freight car manufacturer which been awarded the certification. Notably, the company has maintained the ownership of the honor for more than 18 years. The firm has also received various certification for high-quality products that it manufactures. It has been recognized for leading in technological advancement in railroad freight car manufacturing. The high-quality award known as TTX SECO was awarded to the company in 1996.

Greg Aziz has led the company in sponsoring some activities which are beneficial to Hamilton community. Some of the projects which have been sponsored include Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army and, the Hamilton Opera. The charity has improved the standard of living in the town. The company recognizes and encourages team work in the company by organizing a Christmas party for employees. The party is meant for all the employees and their family members. The former employees are also invited to the party. Greg Aziz in collaborative efforts with his wife has sponsored agriculture fair. The agriculture fair is known referred to as Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and it is held in Canada.

James Aziz ensures that National Steel Car Company is leading in the quality of products and technological advancement. The company is a trusted supplier of railroad freight car in the region. It supplies over 2000 members spread across the region.


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