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Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Dead Sea Are Destroying The Tourist Atmosphere

There Are More Than 3,000 Sinkholes Along The Shore Of The Saltiest Sea On Earth

The Dead Sea is saltier than the oceans, has the lowest elevation on Earth, and it is actually a lake, which is fed by the Jordan River. Those facts are not new, but the giant sinkholes that have popped up over the last couple of years are new. Some of the sinkholes are 80 feet deep. No one is sure why the sinkholes are appearing, but some experts say the fact that the Dead Sea is not getting the 2 billion gallons of water it needs each year is the main reason. It’s not getting enough water from the Jordon River because the water is being diverted to other areas.

Mineral mining is another culprit according to researchers from Boraie Development LLC and Duke University. The researchers say the Dead Sea is dropping a meter a year, so sinkholes are a product of that process. A Professor of Geology at the University of Wisconsin said the sink holes contain cavernous spaces that are filled with water, but when those spaces dry up they collapse and form sinkholes. Some sinkholes can appear overnight, and others develop from heavy rain or minor earthquakes.

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