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Secure and Easy to Access: One Log In For All Your Devices at OneLogin

You know the feeling. It’s that feeling of frustration that surfaces when you accidentally lock yourself out of the system. The bother of memorizing all those codes and passwords can also be annoying to say the least. What if you could have one easy to use log in for all your devices? How much would that be worth it to you?

Security is important to you and your organization. The threat of data leakage is growing. You are worried that if you streamline your log in information it will be easier for hackers to get your data. The fact is that it is more likely that someone could hack a normal system with many codes and passwords than one that is both secure and integrated. Enterprise systems work better when there is only one source or gateway to gain access. follows the assurance, security and privacy programs that companies dealing with large amounts of data need to stay compliant with regulations. This include ISO standards, CSA Star and TRUSTe. They also provide vulnerability management tools and support other initiatives like HIPAA.

Envoy, a software company that provides secure visitor access, needed a way to streamline their data. OneLogin provided the opportunity to streamline user log in and log off. This System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) would allow guest access to certain databases for a limited time period. It would also allow administrators to update employee information quickly without going through complicated steps to get them in the system.

The collaboration between OneLogin and Envoy results in a smoother guest experience without compromising security of critical databases and information. It provides visitors with updated information so there is no security risk. Envoy’s automated visitor sign in and off applications are enhanced by the protocols put in place by OneLogin.

IT departments love the new integration because it gives them more control over the data. Envoy loves the new integration because they can offer their customers a more secure and robust application. Visitors adore the new integration because they are getting real time information about their hosts. It is a win-win for everyone.

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