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Ryan: Vote Trump

Paul Ryan on Saturday urged voters to choose Donald Trump for president, despite longstanding friction between the House speaker and the Republican nominee.

In an op-ed and video published on CNN, Ryan said that the election offered a “fundamental choice” between “the current path of decline” and a “better way that offers more freedom for every single American.”

Pledging a “unified Republican government,” Ryan offered a six-point plan for governing that outlined how Republicans will fight poverty, secure the border, grow the economy, and repeal Obamacare.

Ryan said Hillary Clinton “feels no such obligation” to address the country’s problems, slamming the Democratic nominee on her ongoing email controversies and her labeling of a portion of Trump fans as “deplorables.” He also hit the Clintons for “using the system to enrich themselves.”

“If Republicans do not turn out — if we sit this one out — we will open the door not just to Hillary Clinton but also a Democratic Congress eager to give her a blank check,” he warned.

Ryan joined Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence on the campaign trail Saturday in the speaker’s home state of Wisconsin. The speaker had previously backed off from campaigning with Trump following the release of a 2005 tape in which Trump talked about sexually assaulting women.

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