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Russia Is Preparing For World War III

Russia is quietly preparing for World War III using an ancient technique, political espionage. The Russian economy is now growing well. The best way to achieve victory over the United States is to do so from inside the U.S. Federal bureaucracy. The executive office is now inhabited by an individual who got there partly through Russian funding and propaganda warfare. Recently, Trump met with one of the few U.S. Congressman who is favorable about Russia, Dana Rohrabacher. Dana has been friends with Vladimir Putin, and they have met before. Rohrabacher represents a congressional district covering a huge section of metro Los Angeles, California. The cities in Rohrabacher’s district include Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. Rohrabacher’s district is just south of Anaheim and it is southeast of downtown Los Angeles.


Some sources have placed Russian funding behind the recent push for California to secede from the United States. It is led by Marinelli, who has spent many years living in Russia. Russia is letting the Cal-Exit movement have an embassy in Moscow.


High ranking politicians, including the United States President Donald Trump, have become pawns of the ambitions of the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. Russian troops have already been allowed to train in the United States in joint military exercises. Now that the Commander in Chief of the United States military is pro-Russian, it seems more likely that this sort of thing will occur more frequently.



Preparing for less U.S. national sovereignty may be beneficial to private citizens. The fact that Trump’s companies have hundreds of millions in money from Russian sources should be disturbing. As should the high quantity of loans that Trump’s private company and the U.S. government has from China. It is up to private citizens to write to their congressman and demand investigations of Donald J. Trump’s business dealings. Our country is no longer fully ours if the executive is acting under the orders of a foreign power.


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