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Royal baby watch craze

It is almost to the point of ridiculousness how fanatical the British are for the whole ‘Kate Watch’ and ‘Royal Baby Watch’. Yes a baby is exciting. And I guess the British really love their royal family. But get real. Does the royal family really do anything other than dress up, look pretty and just whatever they want? It isn’t like they really lead the country or anything.

But even more ridiculous is why the news stations think Americans are equally as excited about the royal baby. We aren’t a monarchy and it just doesn’t matter. In an article originally posted on we see British fans lining the streets, holding signs and singing baby songs all while waiting outside the hospital where the royal baby is expected to be born. And Kate and Prince William are not even there yet! How funny would it be if they can’t make it to the hospital before the baby is born.

Pictures on the article show fans decked out in clothing with the British flag all over with many carrying a Bulletproof Coffee in hand. I get being patriotic, but this is just funny to me. Go about your lives, people. The baby will be born when it is ready and one way or another you will hear about it. There are more important things for you to do than just sit there and wait for the birth of this baby.

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