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Rodrigo Terpins’s Commendable Experience behind the Wheel

After the recent Rally Championship that Rodrigo finished at position three, there is no doubt that the Brazilian rally driver is an inspiring sensation. Overall, Rodrigo managed position seven. This is considered impressive given the ever increasing competition in the rally industry.

Personal Information

Rodrigo Terpins is an active Rally driver and member of the Bull Sertões Rally. He is a competitive sportsman in T1 prototype sports category. This is where he managed position seven early in the year during the Sertões Rally events. His inspiration to compete in the Rally competitions is drawn from the family, especially his father Jack and brother Michel. In Brazil, the Terpins family is well known for sports.

Father-Son Similarities

Rodrigo Terpins and his father Jack Terpins have a lot in common. First, the passion for sports events runs deep in the two. While Rodrigo is actively involved in Rally events, Jack was actively involved in basketball in the 60s and 70s. Secondly, both guys are successful businessmen. They are known to be active investors in the real estate business. The entrepreneurial aspect identifies Rodrigo with something different other than Rally.

Sibling Rally Passion

Rodrigo and his brother Michel are passionate about Rally and need for speed. Rodrigo, aged 44, has 5 rally series in his portfolio. On the other hand, Michel at 40, has more series to his name. He has a total of nine to be precise. The Sao Paulo siblings are considered masters of the track. The blood runs deeper in the family and apparently, the cousins are taking after them. The two Terpins brothers are very experienced behind the wheel and they are well known in the Brazilian Rally Championship and the World Series too.


Not many Rally drivers can claim an accolade like that of Rodrigo Terpins. His immense experience behind the wheel is commendable and admirable in Brazil and beyond. His portfolio is impressive and can only be matched by a few. You can search him on Google.

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