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Rodrigo Terpins -Conquering Brazilian Roads

Rodrigo Terpins is a member and pilot of the Team Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Rodrigo Terpins competes for its T1 model category, which earned him the 7th position in the 22nd edition of this Sertoes Rally.

If there is something enthused about Rodrigo Terpins, then it has to be sports. A accomplished rally driver, he’s honored many racing championships by always triumphing over his enemies. His hard work and also his desire to dream have definitely taken him to wherever he is today. He soon saw his father, Jack Terpins, become a successful basketball player and a respected sports leader. Jack Terpins also excelled in becoming a church leader because of his position as president of the Latin American Confederation of Maccabi and the Latin American Jewish Council.

With a dad who was also his character model is one of the components that resulted in Rodrigo Terpin’s achievement. Today he is one of the most famous rally drivers in the Brazilian Offroad Championships. Rodrigo joins the equally gifted brother Michel Terpins for its Bull Sertoes Rally Team. You can visit Terra for more information. The duo recently completed the 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship, where they covered 2600 kilometers through two countries and seven courses. The model of the T1 class has always been Rodrigo’s love since joining the racing world. Michel and Rodrigo Terpins are making great strides in the footsteps of his dad in the sports world. Rodrigo’s brother Michel came from a brilliant motorcycle racing career prior to joining his brother to win the prototype T1 race. Michel Terpins is also at the top of the Brazilian Rally Championship. Rodrigo Terpins is quite pleased with what his career is today. For more details visit LinkedIn.

He’s more concerned with finding the equilibrium between his family and work obligations. Rodrigo did not compete for the recently finished Rally Cuesta Off-Road Championship, where his brother teamed up with his racing partner Beco Andreotti. However, Rodrigo promises that he won’t miss the next meeting of Cuesta Street as well as prepares for it. Rodrigo Terpins discovered his heart in sports after seeing his dad growing up. Now he is much more happy to decorate the same racing arena together with his brother Michel Terpins.

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