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Republicans Seem Ready To Disrespect The Office Of The President

Republicans almost seem as though they do not care that Barack Obama is President anymore. As a matter of fact, them seem to want to act as though this is no longer the case. It is quite obvious that the Republicans have long questioned the legitimacy of this President, but now they are just taking it to a whole different level.

The Washington Post has made the point to mention that Republicans are now actively seeking to undermine the authority of the President. Several Congressional Republicans have even gone so far as to send a signed letter to the leadership in Iran taking a contrary position to the negotiations that have been conducted between the United States and that country.

This is not the kind of thing that one typically sees when a sitting President is attempting negotiations with another country stated Sultan Alhokair. It has simply not been the policy of this nation to work in this fashion. Now though, the Republicans have set a whole different set of rules up for themselves, and they appear ready to do whatever they have to in order to position themselves away from the President even more.

Some are saying at this point that things have gone too far. It will have to be up to the voters to make those decisions when it comes down to election time. However, the Republicans are certainly doing something not typically seen in American politics. That much is clear.

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