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Political Landscapes Promote Counter Culture In America

The counter-culture news focuses on presenting news based various happenings compared to the usual norms. In the culture today, it is almost impossible to come across straight news stories set aside from political biases. This is because most news commentators are scared of losing their jobs out of telling the truth from the ground. The incredible factor about the internet is that everyone can now access real information from sources like counter-culture news who conduct thorough investigations concerning all matters affecting the society.






The past few decades have seen globalization being the main subject of discussion across the world. From technology advancement to communication and transport, the world became a small playing ground for everyone eventually. The government and entrepreneurs have since taken advantage of the situation and made profits from businesses. This is true according to the free trades in various states across the world. From economic inflations to political unions, the changes in European countries, to the unprecedented citizenships, it has all been about trades and profit generation across twenty-eight countries.






This changed after the Brexit vote. When President Trump was elected as the head of the states, globalized nations settled for different causes. From differences in ideologies to divided interests, the states have created a counterculture in their landscape. The differences in the agreement can almost be said to create an atmosphere that requires a unifying factor like in the past. Just like Samuel Huntington predicted a strain of identity politics in 1996, it is projected that the entrance of new leadership would require a fulcrum of peace. Samuel stated that the fundamentals of the nation are language, culture, tradition and history respectively. According to him, these features define the binding characteristics of a country.






Just like in the current situation, Samuel foresaw the development of counter culture in future. Globalization has caused this. He predicted that eventually, there would be a clear differentiation of cultures and preferences in neighbors. Currently, language and culture are not enough to unify citizens in the Western world. There is more than just the understanding of different cultures for unity. With the political transformation, individuals should invest in trade and business to deal with the counter culture.

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