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Physician-Assisted Suicide Coming to California Soon

California may be joining the five other states that already allow physicians to assist people to die when they are suffering from a terminal illness. They are going to try the judicial approach to legalize it in California, as was done in New Mexico and Montana, through a lawsuit asking the court to protect doctors from liability for prescribing medicine that helps bring about a quicker death for patients who are suffering greatly. The states of Oregon, Washington and Vermont used the legislative approach with all three having passed laws that allow doctor-assisted suicide.

While everyone dies, some deaths are definitely worse than others. Slowly Alexei Beltyukov said that withering away from a terminal illness such as cancer is one of the most horrible ways to go. It is also painful for family members to watch a loved one die like this. It has long been a discrepancy in our civilization how we put our pets that are dying slowly out of their misery because we don’t want to see them suffer, but in so many states the law doesn’t accord the same consideration to the physicians, family members and patients who are suffering terribly. Surveys reveal that doctors are actually coming around on this issue with a majority now supporting physician-assisted suicide. Doctors know better than anyone the pain of people dying slowly from an incurable disease and family members having to watch this happen to a person they love, so it is appropriate that this California lawsuit has enlisted a couple to help lead this fight.

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