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OSI Group Expands its Empire

OSI Group is a US-based company that deals with the mass supply of food. It recently expanded its influence by acquiring a controlling stake in a Dutch food company. OSI Group acquired Baho Foods for an unknown amount.
Baho food specializes in the manufacture of meat products. However, it also produces other food items for retail industries and other food services. Despite the announcement, the authorities have to verify that everything is above board.
Baho food is currently operating in Netherlands and Germany. The operations are made possible via five subsidiaries it controls. The subsidiaries sell foods, snacks, and deli meats. The products are available in 18 European nations.

The president of OSI lauded the acquisition as a positive move. It will allow the company to grow its presence in the European market. One reason why they chose Baho is that its brands and products are complementary to what OSI does.
The management team at Baho will not change. Additionally, the managing director will retain his position at the helm. Baho leadership has also lauded the acquisition. They appreciate the expertise and experience that OSI comes with. As a result, the combined prowess of the two companies will allow them to bring even more customer satisfaction to customers.

The Man Behind it All, Sheldon Lavin

He has built his empire from scratch. He began to build himself up almost 43 years ago. He was an outsider who had enjoyed success in investment banking. However, he gave up all that and transformed a small business into a global food supplier. OSI Group employs nearly 20,000 employees globally.

One of the achievements that Mr. Lavin takes pride in is being able to create a robust corporate culture that is family oriented. As a result, turnover rates are comparatively low. Mr. Lavin’s journey in the meat industry began in 1970. He was a consultant for a company that wanted to be a supplier for McDonald’s Corporation. However, the bank demanded that he have ownership in the company if the deal was to go through.

After the deal had gone through, Mr. Lavin increased his involvement in the company. It was after the father retired and left his two sons to manage the business. He joined the two sons as a partner. McDonald’s Corporation requested that he be more involved in the business to achieve more growth. When the proposal was made, Lavin left everything else behind and joined the meat industry.

The Future Still Looks Bright

Even at 81, Mr. Lavin continues to pursue growth at OSI Group. His main area of focus right now is Asia and Europe. The company currently holds the title of the largest protein supplier to McDonald’s. With almost sixty facilities in 16 countries, there is a lot for which he can be proud. Besides work, Mr. Lavin is heavily involved in charitable work. He is also proud that they have been able to diversify the company’s services. That achievement has enabled them to collaborate with many large retailers worldwide. All companies that deal with them are assured of receiving quality service.

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