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OneLogin: The Smart Way To Log in

Most companies nowadays require their employees to log in or sign in to some system. This system usually serves as evidence to the fact that they were indeed present at the office and are available for work. This system sometimes even determines the days that one gets paid for. For something that is so essential, it is surprising that, technology or rather lack of it is being used today. Companies tend to use the traditional system of a pen and paper to sort out their employees and log them into work. For businesses that want to stay efficient and ahead of their competition at all times, switching to a digitized medium for signing in is one of the best things to opt for.

One company has come to the rescue to help other firms, giving them a platform that will help them with this. Based in San Francisco, Envoy is a company that came up with a platform called OneLogin, which provides companies with an app for their i-pad that lets users digitally sign it while they are trying to enter work. Normally, one would have to write down the time of entry, the name and their designation at the job. This platform already has the identities of the people working at the company along with their photographs, so all that would be needed is just one signature, and you are good to go. The app also flashes the picture of the person trying to sign it for extra security protocol and to ensure that the system is not being misused.

Entry logs are not only used by the people working at a particular company, but also by people who are visiting them as guests. The app allows users to sign in as a visitor, provided that they give the app their necessary information. This allows the companies to track the number of people that have come into the office.

If the firm is trying to find someone on the long list that they have, it is much easier to do it with OneLogin. The search functionality allows for easy access to any kind of parameter that one would be looking for.

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