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Nuclear War With Russia Could Be More Likely

We have all taken a big sigh of relief since the Cold War. After all, now everyone likes each other and globalization is continuing rapidly. Right? This optimistic scenario, which was enshrined by the progressive administrations of both parties after the Cold War, may no longer be accurate. The current incumbent of the United States presidency has open ties with Russia. Forbes notes how cutting nuclear arsenals may encourage nuclear war.


The reality that we still face is the fact that people and nations are inherently selfish. They will do what makes them happiest in the short run, neglecting the long term consequences. Loren Thompson, writing for Forbes, emphasizes how Russia has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the United States. He hopefully adds that this can be counteracted by the United States being able to retaliate during such an event. He gives little evidence of how they would do so. Two dozen modern nuclear warheads from Russia could easily lay American pride to ruin.


What the United States lacks, that Russia has, is a disciplined and prepared population. According to Business Insider, 40 million Russian civilians took part in nuclear warfare drills in October. Many in Russian media are saying that World War III has already begun with the United States, and we are just in the opening “cold” phase of the war. Russians are prepared for what is coming. It is quite clear that the United States is not. Our new president is a Russian puppet. Congress consists of two fiercely partisan camps who are willing to trade the national good for partisan interest, even if it means resorting to treason.


Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has been trusting in mutually assured destruction (MAD) as its salvation. If Russia dares to attack our sacred land, so goes the thinking, we would just do the same afterward. The problem with this is the Russian population is far more prepared for a U.S. nuclear attack than the U.S. population is for a Russian nuclear attack. Russia is taking steps to protect its population in case of nuclear war. Meanwhile, United States politicians are busy taking poisoned lollipops from a grizzly bear.

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