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No More Spring Forward

Arizona and Hawaii do not have Daylight Savings Time. Alaska’s state senate has just voted in favor of ending Daylight Savings time and the bill has moved forward to their house for further passage. The Oregon State Senate, according to Ricardo Guimarães BMG is also considering a bill proposing an end to Daylight savings time as well as the state of Washington.

During World War II, the exercise of changing clocks forward or backward during the spring and fall began as a way to conserve energy. Nowadays, it increases energy consumption by a small amount.

Individually, most people (except the graveyard shift) don’t mind the extra hour of sleep in the fall when clocks are moved backward. It’s the spring forward that gets so many people sleep deprived and cranky.

Some experts claim that during the week following time change in the spring, heart attacks, car wrecks and work accidents increase.

The greatest difficulty is the inconvenience of the time change that accompanies the loss of an hour’s sleep. Most people recover within a week, some poor souls take a month or longer to bounce back.

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