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New Penguin Press Release

Penguin Press has recently released a harrowing tale of Yeonmi Park in the new book ” In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. This astonishing book was released on September 29, 2015. To inspire us all, Yeonmi Park tells her story in a shocking and truthful manner. She reveals the horrors she endured while never losing hope of something just a little better. She states in her book that” she never hoped for freedom because she didn’t know what freedom meant.

This very important book is essential to understanding the plight the North Koreans’ face on a day to day basis. Yeonmi Park talks about famine, disease, and the human trafficking that goes on unchecked everyday. This ground breaking book tells it all with honesty and in a compelling straight forward manner. Yeonmi Park writes with hope and unending courage. She bares her soul and sheds light on the secrets of living in a society cut off from the rest of the world.

Born in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, North Korea, Yeonmi Park has led an inspiring and courageous life. Yeonmi Park is now a human rights activist, an author and a speaker. She has become a truly eloquent speaker and an advocate for North Koreans.

At 13, Yeonmi Park and her mother followed her sister’s path into China. They fled the harshness of North Korea under the darkness of night. Together they were sold by human traffickers where they were sold into the sex trade. From 2007 to 2009, Yeonmi’s mother offered herself up to save her daughter from the depravity that she herself had to suffer. Christian missionaries on finally freed the pair and helped them reach Mongolia. At fifteen Yeonmi Park was finally free.

Now Yeonmi is a speaker, an author and is a human rights activist, speaking out about the horrors she suffered along with so many others. She has become an intelligent and eloquent speaker, telling all who will listen about the harsh realities of living in North Korea. She has turned all she went through into strength to fight back against the atrocities she has lived through.

Her father later reunited with the pair only to be diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer and later died at the age of 45. South Korean intelligence later told them of Eunmi’s escape and they were reunited. Since gaining freedom, Yeonmi has been doing all she can to help those still in the devastation of North Korea. She has become a national phenomenon with all the interviews she has given. She has appeared on talk shows and been guest speaker at many events. At the age of 22, Yeonmi has done more and experienced more than most people.

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