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New locations are explored by The Dorchester Collection

In 2006, The Dorchester Collection was announced as the new branding associated with a group of five luxury hotels based largely in western Europe and the UK. The flagship of the brand was The Dorchester Hotel in London, which gave up its own manager, Christopher Cowdray to become the Chief Executive of the newly formed brand. Those five locations have slowly become ten by the start of 2015 and will be followed by a slow move to adding more locations to the chain. Unlike many other luxury hotel brands, The Dorchester Collection will not be rushed into adding new locations and is currently in talks with many potential partners about adding new destinations in North America, Asia and Europe.

The rate of growth The Dorchester Collection is undergoing may seem painfully slow to some, but this planned steady growth is designed by the company and Chief Executive to keep the brand exclusive and unique. Each step in the improvements made to the hotels and the growth of adding new locations is being made with the best interests of the brand and its owners in mind. The small 45 Park Lane hotel in London replaced a much larger entry into The Dorchester Collection chain in New York, the New York hotel was deemed too large and impersonal to remain a member of the brand and was sold. Leaving the much smaller 45 Park Lane to be added and given a contemporary update that is a different option to that offered just a few feet away in the timeless elegance of The Dorchester.

The owners of The Dorchester Collection also understand that remaining rooted in Europe is not the best way of expanding the brand, North America remains high on the list of potential locations for the brand. Christopher Cowdray has recently gone on record as saying the brand would like to replace its New York location and is looking at other cities like Washington DC and San Francisco as potential targets. The expanding markets of Asia, where business travel remains an attractive option for The Dorchester Collection will also be explored as the company looks to embark on a slow and organic growth over the next decade.

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