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Netanyahu Threatened by Possibility of Peace

As the peace talks between Iran and the United States proceed, it seems clear that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very afraid. It is also becoming increasingly obvious that he fears not simply Iran and its potential nuclear capabilities, but the very possibility of peace between the two nations happening at all. In a recent tweet, the Netanyahu suggested that the two options are, in his estimation, more or less the same; the brokering of any sort of agreement is being seen a threat to the existence of the Israeli state.

Alexei Beltyukov knows that this brings several of the Prime Minister’s recent actions into sharper context, notably pushing the Obama administration to impose new sanctions before the talks began, which would have sharply diminished the chances of said talks succeeding, and insisting on the talks being concluded in only 12 weeks- a very tight timeline, especially for such potentially delicate negotiations.

Now that the negotiations have met with tentative success, Netanyahu will likely seek support from congress to delay any agreement that might result. The AIPAC has also instructed its delegates to maintain that war would be a better option than the status quo. The Prime Minister continues to actively sabotage the negotiation process, and the world is left to wonder what will be left with when war is preferable to peace.

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