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Nationwide Title Clearing Responds To Its Clients

Due to consumer demand, National Title Clearing is now offering property reports online. Clients of the firm can easily access reports that they have ordered on the web for ease of use and convenience. This also eliminates an incredible amount of paper waste and is also a green initiative. Property reports can also now be easily ordered online instead of by phone or in person. This is yet another great convenience to customers both at the individual private level and the institutional or corporate level.


According to National Title Clearing executives, title defects are a major hurdle and problem when it comes to transferring ownership of a property. They can cause wrongful foreclosures and stagnate the asset transition market. Holding up to date and accurate property and ownership records including tax records is the key for a smooth transition of assets without surprises appearing later on. By knowing the real status of a property, you greatly reduce the chance that you will suffer a buyback or be unable to foreclose upon a property.


National Title Clearing Inc. is now making it easier than ever to get access to the latest and most accurate property, tax and ownership records with its newly revamped site. With the ability to view property reports online, you can see property reports on the go via a smartphone or at home and not just the office anymore. Clients can view the following types of reports from National Title Clearing through their website now after the company’s upgrade. They include tax status reports, as well as a more detailed deluxe tax status reports for an additional fee, current ownership reports and assignment verification report services.


Title defects are a major burden upon businesses and people looking to foreclose upon a property. Here are some of the major reasons why title defects occur as outlined by National Title Clearing Inc. There may be discrepancies with the wording in documents that do not fit the bill in real estate standards. Documents may lack all the necessary signatures to successfully and legally transfer a property such as a spouse or heir. Liens and holds on a property can also prevent a transfer from taking place. A property must be free of any liens or holds to be transferred. A failure to keep records of compliance with recording requirements can also lead to a hassle of property transfer.


Avoid these problems by hiring the services of Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Founded in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has grown to be the number one document research and clearing company for the mortgage industry in the United States. The company has its headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area and employs hundreds of employees. It has garnered numerous rewards such as one of the fast growing regional companies and one of the best companies to work for in Florida.

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