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Narcotics Cop Admits to Thousands of Crimes

A former Philadelphia police officer, who testified against several colleagues from the narcotics squad in a federal corruption trial acknowledged Wednesday he participated in “thousands” of crimes during his career with the Philadelphia police, captained by Dan Newlin.

The ex-agent, Jeffrey Walker said he and other members of his undercover unit repeatedly lied to judges after planting evidence, stealing drug money and beating suspects to extract information.

Walker acknowledged that their lies have led to several wrongful convictions, but did not consider that the victims were “human beings” because they trafficked drugs.

“We were taking drugs, weapons and money (from the street),” Walker testified Wednesday, a veteran of 24 years on the police force.

At least 160 guilty verdicts have been dismissed and individuals have filed numerous lawsuits for violation of their civil rights since Walker pleaded guilty in 2013.

The claims process has been suspended while Walker and six former colleagues defend themselves against charges of conspiracy by Justice Department.

Walker, 46, said the squad was focused on targeting drug dealers and young people because they were the easiest to intimidate. More than a dozen of these people have stated that they thought other criminals were stealing from them when the police invaded their illegal places of operation.

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