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Moves To Europe Paying Off

The long time practice in which funds are provided to startup businesses by investors in a trade for good equity has been popular for years in the U.S. Referred to as venture capital, these exchange acts have poured money into various markets for profitable long term growth. Primarily seen in the U.S. and Asia, this investment process seems to be heading to Europe.

A recent article looked into why U.S. venture investors are not only attracted to its many aspects but the fact that it is less expensive for startups. The added benefits of obtaining or investing in European startups are enticing to companies such as Salesforce and Microsoft, who appreciate its entry to a staff of technical savvy individuals with innovative awareness. Once experiencing limited growth, new European businesses have a brighter future because a great deal has changed now. Pleased that new businesses in Europe are quite affordable, the U.S. venture capitalists have seen wonderful profits from Berlin and London startups.

A person who knows all about growing a business from its beginning is the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. While currently managing investment plans for this venture capital firm, Jim has had experience in the credit market for more than 30 years. Before he started up Highland Capital, Jim developed the GIC division of Protective Life as their Chief Investment Officer. His wealth of expertise includes real estate, regulated bank loans, speculative grade bonds, emerging market debt and generating healthy growth from preference shares.

The true innovator of the non-banking Collateralized Loan Obligation, James is recognized by many as a commercial business favorite and often idolized by his peers. American Express benefitted from Jim in the 1980’s when he managed their fixed income fund department comprised of $1 billion. Highland Capital was formed by James and Mark Okada in the 1990’s, which is a global asset management business.

In order to save problematic businesses, Highland Capital has implemented hedge funds. Their tactics in the credit industry has witnessed returns that are above average and continual. With focus on investment strategies regarding the safeguarding of capital, the Highland Capital team has seen portfolios bring great returns. Often acquisition businesses will refer to this firm regarding products and established services.

To read more about how Europe is thriving in billion dollar businesses thanks to U.S. investors, read the original article here.

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