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The Motivation Behind Betsy DeVos

When people look at successful people, among the things that they have to look at is the motivation behind what they do. The interesting thing is that people are motivated by different things. Some people are motivated by making money and getting their next home. However, there are some people that are motivated by creating a better life for others. This type of motivation tends to take people further than others. It also helps people come up with more creative solutions so that they will be more effective in what they do for their communities. One good thing about motivation is that it is the driving factor behind everything they do.


One example to look at when it comes to motivation is Betsy DeVos. She is motivated by the desire to rebuild poor communities. She sees the children in poor communities and notices that they are not given the same opportunities in education as children who are at a greater advantage. For one thing, the schools are not well funded so children are not likely to get the best education possible. Betsy DeVos has seen what they children are faced with and has looked for ways to bring something better to them.


One thing that Betsy DeVos has looked into is finding ways to improve the education system. While taking her children to school, she has noticed other families paying for schooling in better communities. Betsy DeVos has understood that while she is doing so out of the riches that her family has gained, the other families are actually making sacrifices so that they will be able to get their children the education they need to make better life choices.


Betsy DeVos has looked at what the families are doing and have decided to move forward with her plans for School Choice. One thing this allows is for parents to help their children make it to safer schools. This clearly show that Betsy DeVos has a love for children and families. She has a lot of empathy for people. This motivates her to reach out to people in her community to find ways to help them.


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