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More Antibiotics Need to Be Produced

It is scary to imagine a world without antibiotics. Individuals dealing with relatively minor health issues could end up dying without them. Just think about how often antibiotics are used in the modern world. Almost any time an individual goes to the hospital for surgery, minor or major, they are given antibiotics to prevent or to kill infections. Or consider the lifesaving cesarean section. Mothers are given antibiotics to prevent or to kill infections.

It is absolutely necessary for individuals to start thinking about the possibility of living in a world like this said Dan Newlin. As a global community, antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more common. Just last week, four individuals in California and North Carolina died as a result of a bacterium called Enterobacteriaceae that is resistant to antibiotics that are currently available.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are developing fewer antibiotics than in previous years. Between the years 2008 at 2012, only two systemic antibiotics were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, between 1983 and 1987, there were 16 that were approved.

There is an obvious need to develop antibiotics that will fight bacteria and infections that are resistant to the antibiotics now are available right now. More funding is needed to produce new antibiotics. Also, it would be wise for government agencies to provide some kind of incentive for antibiotic producers to make these antibiotics more quickly and have them available for more individuals.

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