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Do Modern Counter Cultural Movements Have Any Goals?

Regardless of what one thinks of the movements of the 60s, they cannot be accused of being disorganized or not having goals. While many of the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. have been made into a twisted parody of the results he sought, his vision was clear, his methods were rational and his demands had the unmistakable ring of ideas whose time had come.


Similar things can be said about the hippy movement. In its less serious forms, agitating for a life dedicated to sex, drugs and rock and roll maybe be questionable. What was not questionable was the opposition to the Vietnam war, a war many historians today regard as a criminal enterprise. Those facing the draft and a high probability of death, should they have been drafted and sent to the killing fields of South Vietnam, were righteously indignant and powerfully motivated to put an end to that atrocity.


These were movements with clear goals, rational tactics and level-headed, charismatic leaders. They made sense and they were out to clearly change the world for the better. Even though school desegregation has largely been a failure for blacks, over the last 65 years, it has had its successes as well. And its failures have less to do with the vision of leaders like Dr. King and much more to do with the ways in which the programs have been carried out by anti-scientific idealists. Either way, the leaders of the early Civil Rights movement can hardly be faulted for pursuing these goals, with the almost absent data they had at the time.


But today’s underground campus movements are fundamentally different. Despite mountains of utterly convincing evidence to the contrary, groups like Black Lives Matter believe that police killing blacks is the most pressing concern facing blacks today. They ironically shut down campus speeches by people who provide the evidence that their insane views are not rooted in reality, close to a literal shooting of the messenger.


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