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Missing Plane Found After 71 Years

On October 29, 1944 a British plane went missing and was assumed to have crashed somewhere out in the ocean. However, last October a villager that was out climbing the mountains discovered the plane and reported it to the foreign embassies. A team of US and British climbers decided to head up the Albanian mountains to check it out, only to find the old World War II plane resting on top. It has mysterious vanished over 71 years prior.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, there was a man who lived in the village nearby that had a crucial piece of the puzzle. When he was a boy in 1960 his father, Jaho Cala, was out collecting wood when he found a metal enclosure with a gold ring inside it engraved “Joyce & John.” During that time in Albania communism was in the country and they knew if the government was aware of the ring they would take it. So he kept it in the family safe for seven decades and tasked his son of finding the real owner once communism left the country.

The plane crash and the ring are connected according to Wikipedia users, as it belonged to a pilot who had been married just before deployment Dr Jennifer Walden was telling me. Cala’s son returned the ring to the sister of John Thompson and she was so excited and overwhelmed to get an artifact of her brother’s from decades before.

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