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Meet Eli Gershkovitch the entrepreneur who believes, you grow to meet demand or demand shrinks to meet you

****UPDATE**** August 15, 2017. — Eli Gershkovitch has just released a new video interview where he explains in depth about his World Famous Craft Beer. The savory taste of Steamworks beer has everyone talking. See why!

You may think you are head on a particular path but along the way you destination changes. This is what happened to Eli Gershkovitch. He went to the university and graduated with a Bachelors in Law. But just before he could settle for the career routine, he decided to enroll himself for art classes in Grenoble. Eli Gershkovitch would also explore the beautiful scenes of the French Alps on weekend (MontrealGazette). All this would lead him to discover something that would make him reconsider practicing law.

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He visited a microbrewery on a side trip to Heidelberg, Germany which was his first. This was after he was exposed to Belgian beer which in his words he said: “it was an epiphany”. This was the first steps into a career he would come to fall in love with.



Eli Gershkovitch is the current CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies. He opened Steamworks Brew Pub in the year 1995 at his Gastown location, starting with only 184 seats with that number expanding to 754 seats today. On top of this, he opened up a shop at Waterfront station with a transcontinental restaurant before he converted it to Wetbar and a Rogue Kitchen. Eli could also be given credit for transforming the area into a hipster cool location.


In November 2013, he expanded his business by opening a full-scale 40,000 hectoliter capacity brewery off Boundary Road. This over shadows his 2,000 hectoliter brew pub output. On an annual basis, the facility will pump out up to 90,000 six packs of the Steamworks pale ale and Pilsner beer and 800 twelve packs of seasonal brews, such as Christmas Blitzen. With all this achieved after the first bottled version of the Steamworks beer.


He has now achieved the record altitude with revenue up 50% now that the brewery is working at full capacity. Steamworks has now become a global brand with selling territories in the U.S, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Italy (


We can also not conclusively say Eli law degree has been wasted as he his former Vancouver practice included legal works on client liquor licenses. He became an expert in this area that he found a way for the rules to work on his behalf.

For more information on Eli Gershkovitch visit BeerMe


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