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McDonald’s Hit by Lawsuit


McDonald’s, the largest burger chain and one of the most successful food franchises of all time, is no stranger to customers who have been visiting their store locations for over half a century. In turn, McDonald’s itself is no stranger to lawsuits and is now embroiled in yet another class action lawsuit, this time relating to its mozzarella sticks.

One lawsuit in California, is alleging that a customer, along with 40 other customers in the suit, received mozzarella sticks without any cheese and consisting of a hollow interior, which is contrary to the labeling on the product that these sticks are 100% made of cheese and consist of real mozzarella.

Per the lawsuit, with plaintiff Chris Howe leading the way, almost 4$ of the mozzarella sticks are filler and starch products, which is banded by the Federal guidelines surrounding these items.

McDonald’s is currently refuting these claims and has indicated that their mozzarella sticks are actually 100% cheese and is preparing to defend itself against the claims that are being made by the plaintiff in these case.

McDonald’s is attempting to rebound from a sales slump in 2015 and has gotten some support from it’s all day breakfast options and by the 2 for 2 special that offers, among other things, mozzarella sticks for a $1 each.


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