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Does the Mainstream Media Understand the Alt-Right?

Recent confrontations across the country on university campuses, as well as a highly-publicized stabbing incident involving an avowed white supremacists have given rise to much commentary on the nature of the so-called Alt-Right. The nebulous movement, which seems to be quite slippery when examined under the any microscope, has often defied easy definition. Some of the more hysterical descriptions in the media likely do very little to aid in a broader understanding of the movement and what it’s all about.



The Alt-Right explained in ten minute video


Recently, a cofounder of Vice News, Gavin Mcinnes, released a short video that explains the Alt-Right by using a helpful visual graphic. What may come as a surprise to some who are unfamiliar with the movement is that anything even resembling Jeremy Christian, the self-proclaimed white supremacist who allegedly stabbed two people in Portland, Oregon last month, makes up only the tiniest fraction of the movement’s furthest fringes.


As Milo Yianoppolous stated in a longer form Alt-Right primer on Brietbart last year, the majority of the movement is made up of people who simply recognize the world as it is, a place that doesn’t necessarily indulge egalitarian fantasies. Yiannopolous, like Mcinnes, argues that the hardcore, racist and anti-semitic elements of the Alt-Right make up an almost imperceptible fraction of the movement. But it is through these extremists that the movement is often defined and understood by the mainstream media.


In this way, a liberal centrist such as Charles Murray becomes vilified as some kind of Hitler fetishist because he is abreast of the current trends in sociology. Such wildly inappropriate labeling of scientists, academicians and others as Alt-Right because some of their scientifically-derived conclusions coincide with viewpoints of anti-egalitarians seems deliberately designed to stifle debate. In fact, speaking engagements planned by Murray, conservative social scientist Heather MacDonald, Milo Yiannopolous and others have been canceled due to the presentation of straightforward scientific findings being labeled as hate speech.


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