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Magnises Plans to Change Your Professional Life

Magnises CEO Billy McFarland had been going to school when he came to a realization: he wanted to create an application, a club, that could fundamentally change how he and those similar to him lived their life. Citing Facebook as a social networking influence, McFarland would go on to found the company Magnises. What is Magnises, exactly? Well, Magnises is a club, a social network, and even a perks card that you can use to level up both your life and your social situations. Let’s dig in a little deeper to this fascinating company and see just how it is changing the lives of those utilizing it.

When users subscribe to the Magnises program they are given a personalized, sleek, black card. The Magnises Black Card looks similar to a high end credit card and it functions, in some ways, similarly. You can link the card to your checking account but you aren’t using it for its purchasing abilities. Instead the Magnises Black Card grants you membership and all of the perks that come with it to a club filled with over 12,000 like minded individuals. The Magnises Black Card, as McFarland would say, is a symbol of access to a world of networking that can be game changing for young professionals in bigger East Coast cities like New York and Washington, D.C.

When you sign up for the Magnises Black Card, either monthly or annually, you are registered to a host of benefits and perks. McFarland said that his game plan was, “We’re building a complete platform that connects millennials with new businesses, online and offline.” Now what does he mean by that?

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What McFarland means with is ambitious wording is this: membership with Magnises comes with access to a host of private, lucrative, and entertaining events. Some days Magnises will have affordable, upscale tickets to professional sporting events in your area. Other days Magnises will have tickets to private concerts by professional, world famous acts. Most frequently, however, Magnises users will have access to different networking events that connect professionals from all over the city with one another. At these events Magnises will have brands they believe in marketing their products, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

McFarland says, “We’re just trying to take all of our members’ lives to the next level.” Perhaps it is this ambition that even led Magnises to offer rental desks in office buildings throughout New York. Look up the price of an office in New York. Pretty expensive, right? Magnises users can get users a desk at their offices for just $99 a month on This $99 monthly rent is comparable to about $500 for non members. The savings that Magnises can offer are staggering when you frame it through the lens of being a young professional in a rapidly growing, fast paced, world.

While Magnises has gotten off to rave reviews it is clear that McFarland has no plans of slowing down. Magnises continues to grow and expand new offerings for its customers.

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